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Welcome to All About St.Lucia, the islands most comprehensive and user friendly source of information. Our goal is to provide up to date useful information for visitors and anyone else wishing to learn more about our wonderful Caribbean island of Saint Lucia, including:

  • St.Lucia Accommodations & Restaurants
  • St.Lucia Activities & Tours
  • St.Lucia Weddings & Honeymoons
  • St.Lucia History & Government
  • St.Lucia Culture
  • St.Lucia Environment

Whilst the abbreviation St.Lucia is the most commonly used version of our island name, please note that the official name of the island is the full spelling, Saint Lucia. Therefore, within this website, you will see use of both versions.

About the Island:

One of the Windward Islands of the West Indies’ Lesser Antilles, Saint Lucia (pronounced Saint LOO-sha) is nestled halfway down the eastern Caribbean archipelago. The “Helen of the West Indies,” Saint Lucia is known for its natural beauty and diverse attractions, including the signature Piton Mountains – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – a tropical rainforest and one of the world’s few drive-in volcanoes. Culturally rich offerings include the bustling marketplace in the capital of Castries, quaint fishing villages along the coastline, and the annual Saint Lucia Jazz festival. Saint Lucia’s wide range of accommodations includes world-class five-star resorts, all-inclusive resorts, intimate inns and value-oriented properties.



All About St.Lucia is the island’s most comprehensive and user friendly source of information when you are looking for St.Lucia Hotels & Restaurants, St.Lucia Activities & Tours, St.Lucia Weddings & Honeymoons and much more. St.Lucia is one of the most scenic Caribbean islands and will provide a unique Caribbean vacation experience whether you are looking […]

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