Boat Tours

Boat Tours

Bateau Mygo Sailing Marigot Bay

(758) 458-3947

Captain Mike’s

Sport fishing & whale watching

Vigie Cove, Castries

(758) 452-7044

Caribbean Yachting

Sailing & power boat charters

Rodney Bay Marina

(758) 452-9705

Carnival Sailing

Catamaran tours & charters

Vigie Cove, Castries

(758) 458-2369

DSL Yachting

Sailboat charters

(758) 452-8531

Endless Summer Cruises

Catamaran tours & charters

Rodney Bay

(758) 450-8651

Exodus Boat Charters

Powerboat tours & fishing

(758) 485-3966

Hackshaw’s Boat Charters

Sport fishing & whale watching

Vigie Cove, Castries (758) 453-0553

JJ’s Paradise

Power boat tours & charters

Marigot Bay

(758) 721-7693

Mystic Man Tours

Sailing, powerboat charters, sport fishing & whale watching


(758) 459-7783

Seaspray Cruises

Pirate ship, sailing catamaran tours & charters Rodney Bay Marina

(758) 452-8644


Saint Lucia’s New Summer of Festivals

Capitalizing on the popularity of the long running Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival as well as a few other special events which have attracted visitors over the past few years, Saint Lucia has announced a new set up with additional entertainment and cultural events to enhance tourism in the summer of 2017. The array […]

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