Saint Lucian Art

Saint Lucia art is known for its tropical themes and vibrant colours

If, as it is said, the purpose of art is to appeal to the senses and emotions then it is easy for anyone who has experienced the magnificent beauty of Saint Lucia to imagine the stimulation the island provides for any form of artistic endeavor. For the graphic artist, true inspiration can be found at every view from the amazing array of colours, textures and feelings the island and its people display.

Beginning with the earliest Amerindians who came to this land nearly two millennia ago, art has always been an esteemed facet of the island’s culture. Saint Lucia has produced numerous well-known artists , whose work can viewed at a variety of locations. Many respected foreign artists too have discovered Saint Luica’s beauty and have taken up artistic residence to indulge in the inspiration the island provides.

While the art of Saint Lucia presents a complete range of styles, mediums and subject matter, certain themes are more common including the awe inspiring Pitons, which are held as the most painted and photographed site in the entire Caribbean. Galleries also are rich in representations of the island’s flora and fauna, rugged coastal scenery and the unique and appealing mix of heritages as seen in the handsomeness of the people.

Saint Lucia also has several well known wood carving artists whose work can be seen in galleries, craft shops and as integral elements of the decorum at many resorts.


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