Visiting Resorts


Calabash Cove resort located in Marisule on St. Lucia’s west coast.

As many of the island’s most scenic locales are the sites of resorts and hotels, AASL thinks it appropriate to provide some information and tips on visiting properties where you are not staying. As places of business serving the public, resorts and hotels are generally very welcoming to non-resident visitors who exhibit some common sense and respect.

A few useful points and tips…

By law, all beaches in St. Lucia are open to the public and access must be made available. The law is from of an old ‘Queen’s Chain’ edict that stipulates that the shoreline for a given number of paces from the high water line, belonged to the Queen and could not be privately owned or built on.

Regarding public beaches and the Queen’s Chain:

  •  Beaches and access to the water are open to the public but beach chairs, shelters, hammocks, etc, are not necessarily available. Common courtesy would dictate asking before any resort amenities can be used.
  •  While access must be provided the law does not stipulate that it is always via what seems to be the most direct route, walk-way or road. When in doubt inquire as to the stipulated route of the access. This is particularly relevant for the few beaches adjacent to private homes or condominium developments.

Resorts or hotels which are not all-inclusive generally welcome outside guests to their restaurants, bars and entertainment events but, again, it is wise and courteous to inquire at security gates or reception.

All-inclusive resorts, however, generally do not welcome outside guests in the same manner. Inquires should be made but most do offer day and evening packages to enjoy all amenities and entertainment on a limited all-inclusive basis.


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