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Bay Gardens Beach Resort on Reduit Beach

Any person who is not a citizen of Saint Lucia wishing to work on island must have a Work Permit to do so. This includes foreigners who…

  • Have received Residency Status in Saint Lucia
  • Own a registered company in Saint Lucia
  • Own property in Saint Lucia
  • Wish to work part-time or for a limited period of time

The process for obtaining a Saint Lucia Work Permit…

Step 1

Obtaining a Work Permit Application Form

  • Obtain an ‘A’ Form from the Department of Labour Relations
  • Submit the completed ‘A’ Form along with EC$100 to the Government Treasury Office and obtain a Treasury Receipt
  • Return to the Department of Labour Relations and submit the Treasury Receipt to obtain the Work Permit Application Form

Step 2

Complete the Work Permit Application Form and submit it to a Work Permit Officer at the Department of Labour Relations with the following…

  • A Certificate of Character (Police Record) from the country where you last resided
  • Certified documentary proof of qualifications
  • Saint Lucia Trade Licence (applicable only for foreigners who own a company in Saint Lucia)
  • Copies of advertisements for the position you are applying for
  • Evidence that income tax has been paid
  • One passport size photograph

Step 3

Once the applicant is notified that the work permit has been approved a fee, which is based on the applicant’s nationality, must be paid at the Government Treasury Office; a Treasury Receipt is issued which is submitted to the Department of Labour Relations and the Work Permit is issued. Work Permit fees are as follows…

Caribbean citizens                                               EC$2,000

All other foreign nationals                                    EC$7,500

1-month Work Permit for anyone                          EC$400

Please note…

  •  For an applicant to initiate the Work Permit application process while overseas it is necessary for someone on island to obtain the ‘A’ Form  and pay the EC$100 fee to obtain the application form which can then be mailed to the applicant
  •  Work Permits are valid for 1 year after which time the application process must be repeated
  •  Applicants are not permitted to work in Saint Lucia while the application is being processed

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