Churches, such as this Catholic Church in Vieux Fort, welcome visitors to their services

Visitors to Saint Lucia often cite the friendliness of the local people as being a truly important factor in making their holiday stay a most memorable one. You will find this to be true with both staff workers at hotels, restaurants and stores as well as with everyday Lucians you meet along the way. A friendly smile and respectful attitude will be returned in kind.

However, it is a most unfortunate truth in today’s world that no matter where you go there will be a very small element of individuals who no longer seem to conform to generally accepted norms of behaviour, attitude and decency. This regrettable situation is made even worse by the world’s current economic conditions to which is attributed an increase in petty crime.

As with anywhere in today’s world, you are urged to use good judgement and common sense everywhere you go and in all that you do. Saint Lucia boasts being generally recognized as the most beautiful destination in the Caribbean. To fully enjoy your visit you are urged to get out and about to take in all that the island has to offer. But when doing so, please be wise in your choice of what you wear, what you carry with you and where you go.