What started as a fun tradition in England a few years ago is now rapidly becoming a very popular wedding activity worldwide… a Trash the Dress Session!  The beautiful island of Saint Lucia offers many places for the ‘trashing’ if you’re interested, but first…

What is a Trash the Dress Session?

After the wedding, what do you do with the wedding dress? You can either store it away (“for what?” trashing the dress proponents would say) or you can put it back on do something fun in it as part of the honeymoon experience. Proponents of the activity also claim it is a symbolic statement of the bride’s eternal love as you won’t ever need a wedding dress again.

Of course, you really don’t have to trash the dress but once the ceremony is over you don’t have to worry about a little dirt or risking a tear. Go hiking, biking, swimming or whatever activity interests the two of you.

The session is often photographed or videoed for posterity. Numerous websites are available where you can upload photos to show family and friends the fun you have while trashing.

The spectacularly scenic island of Saint Lucia makes a fabulous backdrop for a Trash the Dress Session. While the possibilities are nearly endless, here are a few suggestions…

• Parasailing

• Jet skiing

• Zip lining

• Horseback riding

• Hiking to the top of Gros Piton (inadvisable in a long dress)

• Friday night Jump Up in Gros Islet