Bird of Paradise

Much of Saint Lucia’s development over the past decade has been seen in the construction of villas and condominiums. A great majority of the properties are available for short-term rental for visitors who prefer this option over a standard hotel/resort environment.

Rental villas are available at a variety of locations on island including on golf courses, high on hillsides providing spectacular views of the seas and neighbouring islands or as part of a resort which affords convenient use of amenities.

Villas often appeal to families who require more space or to those who are seeking a greater measure of privacy and relaxation.

Numerous companies in Saint Lucia specialize in villa rental and sales. A majority of these rental properties are located in the north of the island in Cap Estate but options can be found nearly everywhere. Condominium-style units are readily available around the marina inner harbour in Rodney Bay. The Soufriere area also has a variety of villa rental options.