Over the past few years Saint Lucia has come to be considered one of the premiere wedding and honeymoon destinations in the world. With the island’s exotic natural beauty as a back drop, it is not surprising that so many choose the island for this most special of days. This popularity has also been influenced by the development of a special niche travel industry sector by the many Saint Lucian resorts and hotels that cater to the needs and desires of couples seeking a perfect experience.

Most of Saint Lucia’s resorts and hotels have on-property venue options available and are familiar with other popular and scenic wedding sites in the area. These include waterfalls, beaches and Pigeon Island National Landmark. One resort has garnered worldwide attention for its ceremonies performed underwater!

The island’s government and tourism officials have made the legal requirements and process for marriage in Saint Lucia simple and reliable. Nearly all resorts and hotels have wedding departments with experienced staff who insure a smooth and stress free planning process. This, of course, includes floral, music, photography and reception arrangements as desired. Resorts also take care of all marriage application requirements and schedule a Civil Status Marriage Officer who is sanctioned to legally perform the wedding ceremony. Many of the Marriage Officers are ordained pastors on island and can be requested as a preference.

Independent wedding services companies are available as well for those staying at small hotels or villas which do not have specialty staffs available.

Couples may prefer to get married in a local church. A wide-range of denominations are found in Saint Lucia and hotels or independent wedding service providers can assist with arrangements, however, as many churches have specific requirements for marriage, couples generally need to initiate the process well in advance through a church at home. Local denominations include Roman Catholic, Anglican, Methodist, Baptist, Seventh Day Adventist, Evangelical, Jehovahs Witnesses, Church of the Later Day Saints and Pentecostal.

As Saint Lucia is predominantly Roman Catholic there are several beautiful community Catholic churches that make for a very scenic spiritual settings.