Historic Pigeon Island is a favourite wedding venue for day visitors

Saint Lucia has become one of the most popular wedding and honeymoon destinations in the world and for the convenience of visiting cruise ship guests, offers an express wedding service option that allows couples to marry on the same day when arriving early in the morning, provided it is a weekday.

Many professional wedding service providers and local hotels and resorts specialize in taking care of everything including the legal requirements, transportation, ceremony and reception arrangements. 

IMPORTANT: to satisfy the legal requirements for marriage with this ‘same day’ option, the process must be initiated well ahead of time via email or fax. 

Document requirements for marriage:

  • Passports
  • Birth Certificates
  • Decree Absolute for a previous divorce (if applicable)
  • Death Certificate of a previous spouse (if applicable)
  • Deed Poll for a legal name change (if applicable)
  • If one of the parties is under the age of 18, evidence of parental consent is required in the form of a sworn affidavit stamped by a Notary Public
  • Authenticated translations are required for any document which is not in English

Note: all documents must be originals or certified copies with raised seals.