Mooring’s yacht charters are located in scenic Marigot Bay

The island of Saint Lucia is ideally located as an embarkation point for yachts bound for one of the Caribbean’s most popular sailing destinations, the beautiful waters of the Grenadines along with St. Vincent and Grenada. It’s no surprise that several charter operations are located on island to benefit from the advantages our location offers – calmer waters than are generally found to the north and proximity, that is, being close enough to take in all the Grenadines most popular sites in a week long sailing holiday, a common charter duration.

Saint Lucia has charter operations located in Rodney Bay, Marigot Bay and Soufriére. Commonly, guests will fly to Saint Lucia to board directly or perhaps spend a day or two before and/or after the sail to enjoy the local beauty as well.

Depending on the itinerary and time available, chartered yachts often spend a night moored in the Soufriére area to enjoy the Caribbean’s most famous landmarks, the Pitons. The local Marine Park (SMMA) maintains moorings in the immediate area offering full exposure to the spectacular coastal scenery.

Saint Lucian Yacht Charter Operators:

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